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Your Adult Link On 56 Adult Sites For One Year

I will add your adult link on 56 adult sites for one year.

I have text link exchanges on some of these sites and text and description exchanges on some of these sites, but most are with iframes. Iframes don't hurt your site or help it. When your link is in an iframe, and when your site gets crawld, it wont pick up those links in an iframe. But if your link is in the body of these sites below, your site will get crawld by search engines. Although when your link is in an iframe, it will get exposure to your visitors and this will increase your visitors. So it is a good thing to be on a site even in iframes but better to be in the body of another site.

I will add your text link of 25 characters only to 56 sites. I will put your text link on each site below in the body of the index page somewhere near the bottom for one year. Your link will be on the index page in the body and not in an iframe.

Your site will get crawld more from search engines, meaning more visitors to your site.

The domain names are premium domain names, all coms, one net, and one us domain name.

I can have your link added by the next day or within hours depending on time of purchase.

After purchase or before purchase, just send me your text title and url. If you want a do=follow link, let me know or it will be a normal link.

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$3.00 Per Site 56X3=$168.00 Price: $168.00

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